Single Session

The Single Sessions are individual coaching calls that are particularly suitable when it comes to specific (problems), topics and events that you would like to solve for yourself.

I work with two different methods here. On the one hand, I use classic coaching conversations and different coaching tools to reveal new perspectives. On the other hand, I have specialised in working with hypnotherapeutic journeys & regressions to bring about deep transformation in direct contact with the subconscious.

Coaching Talks

These coaching calls are a form of talk therapy where we talk about the issues that are currently bothering you, reflect together and create new perspectives and solutions with proven coaching tools.

Many people tend to want to work everything out with themselves because they don’t want to be a burden on others or are afraid of the consequences of communication. Talking out stress, however, is a key to improvement on many levels. Just by verbalising the situation, we release pent-up energies in our system; it does us good to talk about things that are bothering us. Furthermore, emotional opening is the key to healing, because only in this way can we create the space for clarity and change.

In the coaching conversation, I hold the space for you and give you impulses so that you can step out of your habitual thought patterns and a field of new opportunities and possibilities opens up for you.

Hypnotherapeutic Journeys

The inner journeys are the “magic tool” to enter into direct communication with the subconscious. They are the most powerful thing I have come to know over the last few years and the reason why I have specialised in this area. In contact with the interworld we leave the level of consciousness and can thus release deep issues and energetic blockages within ourselves in order to become a bit freer. But not only that: We can also activate resources and open ourselves to a higher level of consciousness that connects us with our true BEING and our potential.

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