Soul Journey

Over the years and through working with many wonderful people, I have realised that my heart beats above all for deep, long-term and personal support in 1:1 contact. This has led to my heart mission “The Soul Journey”, a 6-12 week individual coaching support in which I guide people back to their spirit.

The joint journey is aimed at people of the heart who have the desire to discover and unfold their uniqueness. Who wish to release destructive patterns and thoughts & experience true depth, healing and transformation. People who want to learn the language of their soul, grow spiritually and create a life of love and connection.

Soul Journey

The themes of your journey


Together we look at your current challenges and pain points and go into the source work. In this way we create awareness of your previously hidden traumas, patterns and conditioning. We uncover your hidden blocks and limitations that prevent you from unfolding your full power.


Together we will find solutions for your current issues and problems and thus bring you from the role of victim to the role of creator, so that you can actively shape your life.


We connect you with your uniqueness and your deep potential by cultivating a new self-awareness.


I will show you a new level of perception with the help of which you will gain a completely new view of the world. We invite magic back into your life!


We connect you with your intuition and your heart so that you recognise your soul path.


I show you all the tools so that you can learn to carry and hold yourself emotionally.


You learn to detach yourself from the ego, to change your belief systems and to become freer.

What our Soul Journey collaboration looks like

Joint 1:1 Soul Journey with me

Situation Analysis & Spirit Discovery

Regular Coaching Calls & Healing Sessions

Daily support via voice and text messages

Weekly Inner-Change Tasks

Accompaniment over a period of 6 or 12 weeks