The journey within

My Heart’s Mission

Over the years and through working together with many wonderful souls, I have realised what makes my heart beat faster: To accompany people on their inner journey. Whether we wish to change, heal or become more self-confident, free, fulfilled or happy, it all starts with us. The path of change ALWAYS leads within. Whether in individual sessions, in 1:1 mentoring or in my courses, the core is to bring about deep healing and to reconnect the people I work with with their spirit, their heart and their intuition.

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From a young age, we unlearn to be ourselves. We grow up in a society full of masks and conditioning and are strongly shaped by our early childhood experiences. We learn what to “do and what not to do”, what is “right and what is wrong” and how to behave in order to be loved and accepted. Our egos build protective programmes to keep us from being hurt and judged by society and to make us adaptable. We develop a strong mind and disconnect from our heart. We spend a lot of energy maintaining an image of ourselves and thus lose access to our true selves. Through this disconnection we no longer know who we really are in depth and what makes us tick. We do not know our desires and needs and question the meaning of our lives. Instead of acting from the heart, we make decisions out of fear. We do not live in primal trust and are disconnected from our most important gift – our intuition. Detachment with all its “negative” feelings & emptiness is nothing more than a sign that something may change. It is a chance for the better. Deep within us is the longing of our soul to unfold a life of happiness, abundance and connectedness. A life in co-creation with our heart and our intuition.

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