My group courses and online programmes support you in strengthening the connection with your soul and inviting self-love, self-awareness, self-efficacy and a little magic into your life. I always create from intuitive impulses and channellings; I then pass all this on in joint formats or weekly programmes. My courses are always a combination of theoretical input and practical exercises, so that what is learned can have a direct effect.

Magic Month

21 Days of Magic: A Self-Connection Journey

The 3-week magical journey takes place several times a year in a small, exclusive telegram group with wonderful heart people. In 21 days together, we strengthen the connection to our true BEING with daily, no tasks and challenges, e.g. self-love, self-knowledge, self-reflection, mindfulness and much more, and invite magic into our lives. With the help of a common meditation routine, in weekly live calls and by sharing our tasks, we connect not only with ourselves but also with the whole group during this time.

Manifestation Week

Magic of Manifestation: One Week Journey

In my 1-week online course “Magic of Manifestation” I share the rules of manifestation with you, so that you can consciously design and create your life with the help of the universal laws.

In 7 short videos with practical exercises you will learn what manifestation is, how it works and how important clarity is for your own manifestation power. You will learn what your state of BEING has to do with manifestation, how to release blockages and what you can actively do to make your wish come true. I have also included a manifestation meditation that you can use to connect directly with your dreams.

Waiting list

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