One-on-One Coaching

Over time, working closely with many clients has shown me the immense value of one-on-one sessions. Whether we’re seeking change, healing, or simply aiming for more confidence, freedom, fulfillment, or happiness, it all starts with us. The journey of transformation always begins within. Supporting individuals through these processes is something I deeply cherish. It’s recognizing that navigating change alone can be tough, and I’m honored to offer guidance along the way.

Private Coaching & Breathwork

My coaching spaces are always deeply personalized, spiritual and transformative. They are tailored your needs and your healing potential, always with the core aim of connecting you with your on a deeper level.

In our online sessions, we’ll dive deeply into your core wounds that may still be holding you back from living your full potential. With a powerful combination of Rebirthing sessions, coaching calls, regressions, and other tools, we’ll gently work on recognizing and releasing emotional blockages.

During this transformative journey, you’ll experience profound healing on mental, physical and energetical levels. You’ll liberate yourself from old patterns and step into your actual power. This journey is an exploration of your authentic self and an opportunity for self-empowerment. You’ll learn to trust your inner wisdom and intuition and discover the wonderful gifts that this life was bringing you.

In addition to zoom sessions, you’ll receive ongoing individual support via Telegram and guidance throughout the entire time. I’ll provide you with personal exercises and tools so you can continue your growth beyond our shared time. This investment in yourself allows you to unfold your true potential and create the life you are longing for. It’s a unique opportunity that will touch and transform you on a deep level.

The commitment entails a minimum of 3 months together, which includes Zoom sessions and a Telegram support.

Through breathwork sessions, coaching conversations, regressions, NLP tools, and guided meditations we delve deeply into your healing journey.

Emotional liberation, dissolving of destructive patterns, a healthier connection with yourself, a regulated nervous system, increased presence and more self-awareness.

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