Somatic Energy Alignment

Working with the Breath, Body and Energyfield

About Somatic Energy Alignment

Somatic Energy Alignment encompasses various practices aimed at harmonizing the body’s energy and promoting holistic well-being. It involves regulating the nervous system to transition from survival instincts to a sense of connection and safety. By releasing stagnant energy and resolving past traumas, we can find relief from anxiety, stress, and fatigue. This approach also focuses on awakening intuition and inner wisdom through the activation of life force energy. Through techniques such as breathwork, movement and energy healing, we are cultivating a deeper connection with our bodies. Somatic Energy Alignment encourages finding inner clarity and answers while facilitating the release of physical tension and pain, ultimately restoring the body’s natural energy flow.

Why doing a Somatic Energy Alignment Session

Regulate your nervous system

Relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue & overwhelm

Resolve past traumatic experiences by releasing stuck energy

Awaken your intuition and inner wisdom

Develop a deeper connection with your body

Shift your vibration and restore your natural energy

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