My Journey

This will be a personal one.

I’d like to take you on a journey of my own here, because I had to dive deep into my own healing process, relieve my wounds and re-connect with my heart and essence before I was able to do the work I offer today. Everything I’ve experienced along this journey forms the foundation of what I share today. 

But it’s crucial for me to emphasize: this journey never ends! We’re constantly evolving throughout our lives, and that’s a beautiful thing because it gives us the opportunity to continue growing, becoming more conscious, shedding old layers and stepping into our full potential. The life I’ve created for myself today, and which I wholeheartedly love, is the result of this ongoing evolution.

Many years ago..

A few years ago, things looked very different for me. I used to be tough, rational, strict with myself and driven by achievement. I didn’t believe in anything I couldn’t „see and touch,“ viewed emotions as weaknesses and thought I’d find happiness by striving for perfection. This eventually led to an eating disorder that consumed my life for several years. I successfully suppressed my feelings for years, tied my worth to my performance and believed that success, popularity, money and materialism were indicators of a fulfilled life.

Deep down, though, I knew something wasn’t right. Behind all the facades and masks I had built up, there was always a profound feeling of unhappiness. I felt like a „veil of melancholy“ was constantly hanging over my life. I was often stressed, had fears of failure and felt a constant emptiness within me. Behind the desire for perfection lay strong self-doubt, self-rejection and the search for love and recognition. The „highlights“ of my life were regular alcohol binges, food, cigarettes, and dating. Later on, I recognized all of this as compensatory patterns and the deep wounds that still needed healing.

Many unprocessed emotions raged inside me, but I never allowed myself to show weakness. I had many friends – and often felt lonely. I had seemingly happy relationships, but was always trapped in emotional dependencies. Everything felt wrong, but at that time, I couldn’t understand why at all. I was constantly doing and running in my life, only to later realize that I had been running away from myself the whole time.


2015 – The start of my journey of transformation

Nearly 9 years ago, I went on a journey of personal growth – an important moment that would change the course of my life forever. I attended many seminars and workshops about personal development, but often found them to be too superficial and lacking depth. I also noticed that many people, including myself, left these events feeling motivated, only to slip back into old habits shortly afterward. This realization stuck with me and fueled my passion for deep healing and self-discovery.

I dove into the fields of psychology, quantum physics, consciousness studies and spirituality. I spent hours meditating, exploring different states of mind, and delving into my inner world. Every new insight became a stepping stone on my path to self-discovery.

At the same time, I pursued various certifications and trainings with the goal of sharing what I had learned with others. I became certified in psychological counseling, coaching, NLP and pain therapy. I also learned practices like remote viewing, tarot reading, and the I-Ching, expanding my toolbox for healing and transformation. Each step of this journey has been meaningful and brought me closer to understanding my true self.

In the beginning of 2020, I made a radical shift in my life.

With the onset of the pandemic, I made the decision to leave my job, end a long-term relationship and move out of our shared apartment without a new place to call home. I spent some time couch surfing before went alone  on the Camino de Santiago. I trusted my intuition and let go of my old life to welcome in the new one.

During this transformative time, I witnessed pure magic unfold in my life and I gained a profound faith in the spiritual path I now walk.

During that same year, I began offering one-on-one support to women struggling with eating disorders, coaching them through trauma-informed methods and guiding them through regression therapy. Shortly after, I moved to Mallorca and spend some times in Thailand, where I discovered Rebirthing Breathwork — a practice that resonated deeply with my journey—and underwent training to become a facilitator.

Throughout it all, my guiding light has been a devout commitment to supporting people on their healing journeys, assisting them in reconnecting with their essence and empowering them to create the life there are meant to be here for.

Who am I today? Still a human – on a spiritual journey.

I adore diving deep into spirituality just as much as I love dancing until my feet hurt at 5 in the morning. Incense sticks and meditation are a daily ritual for me, yet I also enjoy spending evenings with good food on the couch. Connecting with nature is a deep need for me today, however, I also like to watch a good series once in a while. I experience deep pain as much as I do great highs.

Our world is full of contrasts; it’s all part of the adventure. But one thing I know for sure: I’m truly living in the moment, embracing all emotions, connected with myself, and following my intuition while being inspired by life itself. I cherish my life as it is, and if things change, I fully trust in my ability to create something new.

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